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Gail Thompson, CEO & Owner

From Georgia to the Pacific Northwest

Hello, I'm Gail Thompson, the creator of Junebug’s Sauce, where Southern charm, Creole heritage, and a dash of Asian magic blend in every tasty drop. From the lush Pacific Northwest, my sauces mix my Florida roots and Georgia upbringing—making flavor-packed family secrets an art. Inspired by my deep Louisiana ties, I whipped up a Pacific Northwest punch, adding a hint of Asian mystique to create sauces that promise a global symphony of flavors in every savory bite.

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For over two decades, my family operated a cherished Southern Creole restaurant in Seattle's Central District. Our culinary expertise lay in blending the finest herbs and spices from Creole and deep-southern cooking with the exotic flavors of Asia, resulting in a unique dipping, basting, and marinating sauce. Originally intended for crispy party wings, our customers soon began requesting it for a variety of dishes, from poultry and seafood to vegetables. This sweet, spicy, and savory concoction swiftly became one of the restaurant's most sought-after condiments.


Following the closure of our beloved restaurant, patrons continued to express interest in obtaining the recipe or containers of our famous Hallelu-jah! Sauce. Initially, I fulfilled these requests on a small scale, but soon realized the potential for something greater. With a loyal customer base and our cherished sauce in hand, I decided to transform my passion into a business venture.


The challenge arose in finding the perfect name for my company. I was determined to pay homage to my late husband, whose inspiration had sparked the creation of Hallelu-jah! Sauce. After weeks of contemplation, the idea of using his affectionate nickname surfaced. In the Southern tradition, men with junior surnames are often fondly referred to as 'Junebug,' a term of endearment bestowed upon my husband by his favorite uncle. 'Junebug' felt like the ideal way to honor his memory.


The genesis of the name 'Hallelu-jah!' stemmed from a memorable incident at the restaurant: a customer, overwhelmed by the sauce's delectable flavor, leapt up in sheer delight and exclaimed 'Hallelujah!' This exclamation captures the essence of our beloved sauce.


Thus, Junebug’s Sauce Inc. was born—a testament to the passion, love, and culinary artistry that originated in a humble restaurant and continues to tantalize taste buds far and wide.


Thank you for embarking on this flavorful journey with us.

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