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Gail Thompson

CEO & Owner

Gail is the founder and CEO of Junebug's Sauce, Inc. She was raised in a small town in Georgia and moved her family to Seattle, Washington in 1969. Gail graduated from the University of Phoenix with a BS in Business Management and worked in the public sector of the government and several private corporations in the field of Human Resources until she started Junebug's Sauce Corporation in 2014. 

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Our Story

Hallelu-jah! Sauce was created in 1986 in the kitchen of Thompson's Point of View (Thompson's), a family owned southern Creole restaurant formerly located in the heart of the Seattle's Central District. Folks gathered at Thompson's whether from the neighborhood, suburbia or out of town for more than 20 years.

We combined the best herbs and spices used in Creole and deep-southern cooking and infused them with Asian spices to give it a Pacific Northwest appeal. When our gourmet sauce debuted, one of the guests shouted, "Hallelu-jah!," hence the name of our sauce. Customers began to request Hallelu-jah! Sauce on everything from poultry to seafood to vegetables dishes. This sweet, spicy and savory blend quickly became a delightful dipping, marinade and basting sauce.

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