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The Best Dipping Sauce Around. The Delicious Flavor That Brings You Home.

Are you tired of using the same seasoning and marinated sauces for your foods?

We have a delicious sauce for all your cooking essentials!

Learn about Junebug's Sauce!

Hello, my name is Gail. I am a proud business owner of Junebug's Sauce. I started a business whereby I manufacture and sell a BBQ sauce. I have attached information regarding the sauce and my website for your viewing pleasure.

Creation Of Our Delicious Sauce!

The BBQ sauce is called, Hallelu-jah! Sauce. It was created back in 1986 in the kitchen at Thompson's Point of View, a restaurant in Central Seattle, Washington; owned and operated by my late husband.

In August 2014, I established Junebug's Sauce, Inc. I manufacture Hallelu-jah! Sauce in small batches so that I can taste test each batch prior to bottling to ensure consistent flavor during production.

The sauce is sweet, spicy, and savory. It is a subtle blend of herbs, spices, and flavors rooted in southern comfort which gives it a global appeal. The sauce was initially used for coating and dipping foods; however, it is also excellent as a marinade, or baste on fish, chicken, pork, or beef.


One of the most requested dishes at Thompson's Point of View were chicken wings dipped in the sauce. The wings quickly became known as Hallelu-jah! chicken wings.

I would love for you to sample my delicious sauce and see what you think about it!

Purchase now at:

Gail Thompson

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