"There is no special food that Hallelujah sauce makes taste good; Hallelujah sauce makes all and any food taste good. It takes any food to a whole another level. I tried it on things such as fish, steak, ribs, rice and beans just to name a few.  And, I love it over Fried Chicken. That was the original way … Hallelujah wings. I used it for marinating, I can even use it for dipping. It is an All-American five-star sauce. Gail, you should be proud!"


"Gail, I got up this morning running late and hungry.  I grabbed a couple of eggs and they were not quite what I wanted but I was rushing.  I stirred up my eggs and searched the refrigerator for something to give them a boost.  I absently minded grabbed the Hallelu-jah! Sauce and poured in about a teaspoon. Gail, the eggs were fantastic!!! I’ve only used the sauce for dipping, but I remember you saying it was great on all foods and through why not; I was not expecting the flavor the sauce gave the eggs. Thanks."


"My favorite use of Hallelujah Sauce is in Stir Fry; I’ll call it Hallelujah chicken stir fry. One teaspoon of coconut oil; 1 ½ to 2 lbs. of chicken breast cut into thin slices; 1 large red onion chopped;  2 cups two large carrots sliced; 1 bell pepper sliced;  1 cup of snow peas; 1 ½ cups of bean sprouts; and ½ cup broccoli after everything is sautéed in coconut oil, I add ½ cup to 1 cup Hallelujah sauce …. depends on your spice buds.


I have made Hallelujah bacon cheeseburgers 1 pound of ground beef; chopped onions; chopped bacon and 2/3 cup of Hallelujah Sauce mix all together well; add salt, pepper and garlic. Patty your burgers. Place in a 375-degree oven for about 25 minutes.


I've glazed my Thanksgiving turkey with Hallelujah sauce.   I've also marinated ribs overnight in Hallelujah Sauce and glazed the sauce prior to serving."