Sliced beef steak medium rare with balsa


Steak, sirloin or brisket – discover recipes for any imaginable variety of beef. 

grilled pork chops with smokey barbeque


Dress up this dinnertime staple with bold flavors by putting new twists on pork.

hot and spicy chicken wings with dip and


Expand your menu with recipes for grilled chicken, chicken wings and more.

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A compilation of small plates, breakfast items, and other wonderful dishes that are sure to please!

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Find delicious recipes for cooking with fish and adding our Hallelu-jah! Sauce.

How do you Hallelujah-jah!?

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Many of you shared delicious recipes for how you use Junebug's Hallelu-jah! Sauce to enhance a variety of your favorite family meals.  After reading the recipes you so graciously shared, I decided to create a cookbook.  I love cookbooks!  I love to read them, treasure them, learn from them, and, of course, cook from them. 


To me, cookbooks take on a life of their own.  They are history, family, and memories.  So, I thought why not collect all your treasured Hallelu-jah! Sauce recipes and share them along with some of my own sauce treasures.   

As I receive other Hallelu-jah! Sauce recipes, the cookbook will be periodically updated so all recipes can be shared with others. 


I look forward to remaining your dipping, basting and marinade of choice.